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Ada Amon

Just Transition toward a green economic model in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe 

Ada Ámon, is a senior associate of E3G – Third Generation Environmentalism since June 2015. E3G is ranked fifth on the environmental think tank list. Ada’s original focus area is energy efficiency policy development and she is in charge of developing the regional programs for Central Eastern Europe and Western Balkan.




Attila Melegh

Migration & radicalization of demographic nationalism in Eastern Europe

Attila Melegh, sociologist, economist and historian by training. He has taught in the United States, Russia, Georgia and Hungary, now is a lecturer at Corvinus University, Budapest, and also works for the Demographic Research Institute. Beside discourse analysis he also does research on sociological and historical aspects of globalization and international migration.




Cornel Ban

European neoliberalism deadlock: good and bad news

Cornel Ban is Assistant Professor at Boston University, where e teaches international political economy. Cornel Ban’s research area are the liberal neo-developmentalist political economy, the sovereign debt crises and austerity in authoritarian regimes, and the diffusion of German economic ideas at the European periphery.





Thomas Pogge

Beyond Panama Papers – How to achieve Justice globally

Thomas Pogge is Leitner Professor of Philosophy and International Affairs and founding Director of the Global Justice Program at Yale.

He holds part-time positions at King's College London and the Universities of Oslo and Central Lancashire.









Kevin Anderson

Responding to the challenges of climate change

Kevin Anderson is professor of Energy and Climate Change in the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) at the University of Manchester.

He is deputy director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research; a Scientific advisor to the Welsh Goverment's climate change comission; and a non-executive director of the of Greenstone Carbon Management.




Pia Eberhardt

TTIP: facts & fiction

Pia Eberhardt is a campaigner with the Brussels-based “Corporate Europe Observatory” (CEO,, a research and campaign group working on the influence of corporations and lobby groups in EU policy making.

Her main area of expertise is EU trade and investment policy and the corporate lobbying around it.




Ulrich Brand

Green Capitalism or Social-Ecological Transformation? How to Implement New Modes of Production and Living

Ulrich Brand is doing research and teaches as professor for International Politics at the University of Vienna on the subjects like globalization and its critique as well as social-ecological transformation.

He was member of the Enquete Commission „growth, well-being, quality of life“ of the German Bundestag (January 2011 to June 2013).




Deborah Lawrence Rogers

The shale gas in US. Risks, economic bubbles and lessons for Romania

Deborah Rogers began her financial career in London working in investment banking. Upon her return to the U.S., she worked as a financial consultant for several major Wall Street firms, including Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney.

She is a Member of the Board of Earthworks. She is also the founder of EnergyPolicyForum, a think tank dedicated to policy and financial issues with particular emphasis on tight oil, shale gas, oil sands and renewable energy.